Pro Testimonials

Andrea Koop
Paddletek Sponsored, #3 APP Tour Pro

"Maggie has been instrumental in helping to elevate my pickleball game over the years. Not only was she my partner for several years, she has been my go-to pro to get tips on what I should be working on, how to drill specific shots, and how to implement them in a match. She is able to analyze the game, articulate the strategy, and implement with ease. Anyone would be lucky to get advice and instruction from Maggie!"

Christian Keenum
Onix Sponsored, 5.0 Pro

"Maggie is an incredible pickleball player and supportive partner, but what’s most impressive is her knowledge of the game and ability to coach players of all levels. I’ve seen her train beginners and experienced her coaching as an advanced player - she truly dedicates herself to her craft and everyone walks away with a new set of skills to bring to the court. I can’t recommend her enough!!"

Josh Jenkins
5.0 Rated Player, Certified Instructor

"Sometimes coaches need a coach, too. And for that reason, I am lucky to have Maggie. We chat regularly, sometimes about my own game as I am now venturing into professional pickleball or we discuss how to teach a new shot or strategy to a client. One of the best things about Maggie is there isn't much she hasn't seen before. And for the last two years, I owe a lot of my success and my clients breakthroughs to being able to work both on and off the court with her."

From the Experts!

"I have know Maggie for several years. She consistently shows herself to be both a terrific pickleball player and a thoughtful one. Maggie and I have had many conversations about pickleball and I am always impressed with her insight and breadth of knowledge. Of the many things that stand out about Maggie, one of the most important from a coaching perspective is her ability to take complex ideas and to express them in a way that is easy to understand. Whether it is a discussion about tactics, technique, or coaching best practices, Maggie is adept at using her experience as a competitor to share ideas in a way that is relatable to others — no matter what their skill level of background. Maggie’s students are lucky to work with her!"
- Mark Renneson, CEO of Third Shot Sports & Pickleball Coaching International (PCI)

New Jersey Locals

Michele Dabal playing. Photo by J. Evans

Michele Dabal, Owner of MD Pickleball Academy & Certified Coach

"Blu Court Sports and Maggie Remynse have the expertise and skills you want your instructors to emulate and your clients to experience.
Having a pickleball professional with years of racquet sports, and coaching experience, who understands first-hand the importance of positive reinforcement, will strengthen your pickleball program and be a game changer for your clients!
We are grateful to have Maggie as our regional visiting pro at MD Pickleball Academy in Whippany.
She delivers a clear, focused and well prepared training session with attention to the needs of all participants.
Maggie does an outstanding job of demonstrating a skill, and explaining the strategy with a smile and a friendly delivery that puts everyone at ease. All participants feel welcomed, supported and capable in achieving their personal goals on the court."

Richard Mauer, 3.5 rated player & Admin of the NJ Pickleball Forum

"As a 3.5 senior tournament player and a PPR certified instructor, I’m smart enough to know I need a good coach to grow my skill level. Maggie does that for me, whether it’s correcting my footwork or court positioning with my partner. She is patient and very good at reinforcing the fundamentals without trying to change my game, but to try to improve it. If you’re looking for someone to help you advance in the sport, Maggie Remynse can help you do it"

Andy Friedland, 4.0 rated player

"I take a lot of clinics and camps with pros around the country and Maggie is my favorite by far! She is a natural teacher and she can customize her message for some of my more stubborn pickleball friends. Most importantly, playing with her is fun. Instant improvement in taking lessons with Maggie!"

"The group lesson that I took with Maggie was very fun and helpful!  Maggie was prepared with lots of drills and practical instruction.  Maggie has great tips and gave me personal advice that helped me to improve my game!  I'm looking forward to another lesson with Maggie!"
-Deb Amos, 3.0 Rated Pickleball Player

"I highly recommend Maggie as a Pickleball Instructor. She explained and demonstrated techniques in a clear way. Her tips on the third shot drop were amazingly helpful!"
-Deb B, 3.0 Rated Pickleball Player

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