Blu Court Sports
Passionate, Experienced & Successful Racquet Sports Coaching and Consulting
What we believe in
Enhancing your pickleball skills with a plan curated for each individual which will work to improve technique, shot selection, and strategy on the court!

What we do

Blu Court Sports offers pickleball coaching, consulting, and engagement events.  We provide personalized instruction to individual(s) and groups based on their need, level of play, and pickleball goals.  We also cultivate highly interactive pickleball team building and client networking events. Our goal is to curate a curriculum that enables the learner to quickly implement new skills into their game no matter their level.

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Maggie coaching. Picture by J. Evans.

Who we are

We are ex-college tennis players turned pickleball professionals who are elevating pickleball instruction. We are passionate about helping individuals learn new skills on the court. In addition to coaching athletes, we are also bringing our knowledge to coaches. We started as tennis coaches and have created a curriculum that enables other racquet sport professionals to learn how to coach pickleball, the differences from other racquet sports, and why shot-selection and strategy matter! 

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Maggie & Ken at a Wilson Pickleball media event


Here are some quick tips that may help you in both your playing and coaching. Check out our YouTube channel - 2 Minute Pickleball - for more tips like it.

The Warm-up

Watch this quick tip to learn how to efficiently warm-up with a partner; this is great when you don't have a lot of time or when court space is limited

Moving with a Partner

Watch this quick tip to learn how to move with your partner; this is great for both new partnerships and old

The Ready Position

Watch this quick tip to learn the different types of pickleball ready positions

Enhance your skills!
Today is the day to take your pickleball game to the next level. Let's help you learn new skills and elevate your game.